Open a snake, the latter all rely on tenacious struggle

I was eight years old that year, my grandfather died, and i was buried in the mountains behind the morgue.

From an early age afraid of ghosts, always feel that grandpa's ghost has been near home, so more reluctant to sleep with parents.Also dream of grandpa back, but this dream will appear so once or twice on the silence.

After that, I was still eight years old, sleeping with my parents as usual.I sat at the door gate, playing with my feet???Grandma was pulling the grass across the dam.Suddenly a snake like me flew, I want to escape!I want to run!But I can't move!Just watching the snake rush in front of me, I waved my hands to grasp the snake tail part, the snake still bit me!It's hopeless…Wake up!

I am also an idea of the child, woke up I thought, next time I dream I want to tell myself is dreaming, wake up immediately, don't be afraid of it!So I went on sleeping confidently, and I was quiet.

About nine years old, I dreamed of the same dream again!The snake flew at me again!I told myself it was a dream.Who knows the dream of me so demon, I do not want to wake up, but know is a dream, I want to abuse the snake!So I tore the snake straight!Hahaha, I'm so excited!As a result, the snake recovered, fought back again, and woke up in my shock!I tell myself to tell myself about my dreams next time and wake up right away!When I thought about it, I went back to sleep.

A few years have passed!I was slightly larger, in reality I was also tenacious demon challenge from my children, so and parents watched several Films of Lin Zhengying, also a person to sleep.You think that snake just let me go?No, it's got a copy, it's upgraded!The front is the same, I am also amofher to tell myself to ignore the snake, and try to wake up!Yes, I woke up myself in my own room!I was relieved.I grass, can't see and can't remember what is coming through the wall???Yes, in the middle, I didn't wake up, but dreamed I woke up!Wake up…Slow for a long time, I have been unable to resist this nightmare, began to turn on the lights all night.

Later, I got married and didn't live in my own home, and I thought I'd never have a snake nightmare again, and it should be over.But ah, I dreamt of a little myself sitting at the door playing with my feet…Then to wake up to the room, I told myself to dream do not be afraid of this ghost, order edified to wake up!Finally feel their own in bed, and is in the quilt of the mother-in-law's bed!But suddenly under the bed, icant out!Is there a ghost to go?I'm going to turn on the lights right now!But the hand just can't move, can't turn on the light…It was scary and urgent.Wake up, sweat.That's right, this dream is once again forced to escalate, dream dream…

I just want to ask you, how did you upgrade?And it's increased my age???And what kind of ghost am I playing with my feet?Is it that I grew up smart to want to resist you, so keep adding to my own drama ???The longest walk I've ever walked is the dream upgrade version of your upgrade!There are two or three years did not bother me, is you ready to play not to write a good script?

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